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DHA mission statement:

The mission of the Deshler Housing Authority is to be the area’s affordable housing choice and to provide and maintain safe, quality housing in a cost-effective manner. We offer rental assistance to our community in a non-discriminatory manner.

Goals and objectives:

The Deshler Housing Authority goals include reducing public housing vacancies, renovate or modernize public housing units. We will also implement measure to de-concentrate poverty by bringing higher income public housing households into lower income developments and encourage mixing of higher income families and lower income families. We will also assist people with self-sufficiency and would like to increase the number and percentage of employed persons in assisted families. We will ensure Equal Opportunity in Housing for all Americans. Undertake affirmative measures to ensure access and provide a suitable, safe and energy efficient living environment to assisted housing regardless of race, color, religion national origin, sex, familial status and disability. Also see attached VAWA policy.

The DHA intends to comply with the following laws:

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